1. The route is fixed (see route). It’s possible to leave the route for a short time, but then it’s necessary to return back on the route.
  2. The start is at the central parking lot in Jánské Lázně. It’s possible to start from some other place which is not further than 2 kilometers from the aforementioned place (in that case, the route can’t be shorter than nominal 51 kilometers).
  3. The direction of the route is not determined — it’s possible to attend it in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.
  4. For a successful attempt, it’s necessary to finish the route within the limit of 12 hours (counts total elapsed time).
  5. It’s necessary to pass the route by running or hiking.
  6. The planned attempt has to be announced in advance on either Twitter, or Facebook.
  7. Completion of the route must be documented by a public GPS record (ideally via Garmin, Strava, etc.). The GPS record has to be published in addition to the aforementioned announcement (see the previous point).
  8. To record a successful attempt, the participant must provide two photographs: one from the Black Mountain (Černá hora) and one from the Snowy Mountain (Sněžka). The photos also have to be published in addition to the announcement.

An additional rule for the night variant 🌌 (a separate category):

  1. The start of the night variant must take place (all year round) at 22:00 (± 15 minutes).