What’s Black Snowy Mountain?

Black Snowy Mountain (Černá Sněžka in Czech) is an FKT race which starts in Jánské Lázně and leads across the Black Mountain (Černá hora) to the Snowy Mountain (Sněžka) and back. The distance is slightly over 50 kilometers long with gained elevation over 2.000 meters.

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What’s FKT?

FKT si an acronym for the Fastest Known Time. The goal is to finish a defined round or route as fast as possible. The race is individual (nevertheless it’s possible to go in group), every participant chooses time of start, kind of support etc. The race is defined not only by the route, but also by other rules.

Check the rules of the Black Snowy Mountain.

Who can attend the FKT Black Snow Mountain?

Anybody can attend the race. Of course, the holder of the FKT trophy will be the fastest finisher (in given category), but hobby runners and able hikers can participate, too.

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